Betadine Ointment, in a water-soluble base, is a topical microbicide active against organisms commonly encountered in skin and wound infections.


Therapeutically, It may be used as an adjunct to systemic therapy where indicated; for primary or secondary topical infections, infected surgical incisions, infected decubitus or stasis ulcers, pyodermas, secondarily infected dermatoses, and infected traumatic lesions.

Prophylactically:  It may be used to prevent microbial contamination in burns, incisions and other topical lesions; for degerming skin in hyperalimentation and catheter care. Its use for abrasions, minor cuts and wounds may prevent the development of infections and permit wound healing.


Apply directly to affected area as needed. Nonocclusion allows air to reach the wound. May be bandaged.

For External Use Only. In case of deep or puncture wounds or serious burns, consult physician. If redness, irritation, swelling or pain persists or increases, or if infection occurs, discontinue use and consult physician. Keep out of reach of children.


1 / 32 oz. and 1 / 8 oz. packettes; 1 oz. tubes.

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