Uses:   BodyLean is an exceptional source of high protein combined with muscle enhancing nutrients. BodyLean is designed to optimize muscle mass during times of intensive exercise such as weight lifting. BodyLean may also be used in a weight management program, or for anyone seeking to increase their protein intake.

When used for weight management, BodyLean is an easy way to balance a diet rich in carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Optimal protein intake is essential for healthy weight loss and to maintain body composition after body fat has been lost.

BodyLean provides a full 50 grams of partially predigested protein in each serving. The highest grade proteins available are used for easy digestion and maximum utilization by the body.

The exceptional protein profile of BodyLean is further enhanced with free-form branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). During intensive physical activity, muscles selectively lose BCAAs, and supplementation with BCAAs may help spare muscle breakdown and replenish muscle losses quickly.

During weight loss, protein is essential for muscle strength and to maintain muscle mass. Diets rich in carbohydrates and plant foods often lack enough protein to sustain muscle while losing body fat. Calorie restriction may also compromise muscle integrity, particularly causing a loss of BCAAs. BodyLean is a great way to ensure protein balance and to help maintain muscle while burning fat.

Directions:   Blend or shake three heaping scoops of Body Lean powder into at least 16 fluid ounces of any beverage of choice.

For support of muscle-building, take BodyLean 90 minutes before exercise or 90 minutes after exercise.

For weight management, enjoy BodyLean with a meal to enhance your protein intake. The serving size of BodyLean can be tailored to individual body needs (i.e., smaller-bodied people may require less than larger-bodied people.)

Ingredients:   Metabolically Balanced Protein Isolate™ (containing total milk protein, calcium sodium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate, branched chain amino acids [L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine]), fructose, natural and artificial flavors, magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid, adrenal extract, acesultame potassium, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, niacin, manganese sulfate, papain, bromelain, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, biotin and cyanocobalamin.

How Supplied:   One can contains 10 servings of 75 grams each. One box contains 15 packets containing 37.5 grams each (25 grams of protein per serving).