Each Calm Colon capsule contains 500 mg of a 5:1 aqueous extract consisting of the following herbs:

Chinese Name                  Common Name

Yin Chen                       Capillary Artemisia Leaf

Bai Zhu                          Atracylodes Root

Wu Wei Zi                     Schisandra Fruit

Yi Yi Ren                       Job's Tears Seed

Dang Shen                     Codonopsis Root

Huo Xiang                     Agastache Leaf

Chai Hu                         Chinese Thouroughwax Root

Qin Pi                            Fraxinus Chinensis Bark

Fu Ling                          Wolfporia Cocos

Che Qian Zi                   Asian Psyllium Seed

Huang Bai                      Phellodendron Bark

Zhi Gan Cao                  Licorice Root

Pao Jiang                       Ginger Root

Huo Po                          Magnolia Bark

Fang Feng                      Fang Feng Root

Chen Pi                          Tangerine Peel

Bai Shao                        White Peony Root

Mu Xiang                       Costus Root

Huang Lian                    Chinese Goldthread Root

Bai Zhi                           Fragrant Angelica Root

Calm Colon is indicated for irritable bowel syndrome.


1 capsule 3 times daily one half hour before meals with water.


Bottle of 60 and 90 clear two piece gelatin capsules.