Uses:   CardiOptima is a heart-healthy drink mix rich in the most potent blend of antioxidants, blood vessel protectors and cardiac tonics. This pleasant-tasting product provides nutritional support for the prevention and elimination of oxidized LDL cholesterol and sticky platelets, thereby dramatically decreasing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

CardiOptima contains a proprietary blend of antioxidant mineral ascorbates, vitamin E and ActiVin™ grape seed extract which work together to support cardiovascular function. Also features Coenzyme Q-10, taurine and selected amino acids to prevent LDL deposition on arterial walls.

Complementary vitamins, minerals and herbs also assist the body in clearing homocysteine, a metabolic by-product identified as a cardiovascular risk factor.

Directions:   Drink one or more glasses of CardiOptima daily on an empty stomach any time of the day or night.

Ingredients:   One serving of CardiOptima 100 mg L-methionine, 600 mg L-lysine, 400 mg Taurine, 100 mg L-proline, 10mg Coenzyme Q-10, 20 mg L-carnitine and 100 mg Activin™ Grape Seed Extract as well as dextrose, fructose, 1000 mg vitamin C (potassium/calcium ascorbates), Krebs Cycle Mineralized Substrates™ (citric acid, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate), 300 IU D-alpha tocopheryl succinate (vitamin E), gum arabic, beet powder, food flavoring, magnesium sulfate, inositol hexanicotinate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, Phytocardia Complex™ (hibiscus flower powder, hawthorn berry powder, Golden Root extract), folic acid and cyanocobalamin.

How supplied:   Each box contains 15 packets, with a total net weight of 13.75 ounces.