Uses:   Catalyst is a high-potency amino acid formulation designed to support muscle strength and structure, and to help boost mental energy and focus. Catalyst helps prevent muscle breakdown, an effect which is critical for beneficial weight loss and for athletic performance. Catalyst helps preserve muscle mass during times of calorie restriction.

Glutamine is also included in the Catalyst formula to buffer lactic acid production in muscle. Glutamine appears to be selectively drained from the muscles and other body systems during the early stages of exercise and of weight loss. Glutamine is also a neuroactive nutrient, and helps supply the brain with an essential building block and energy compound needed for proper mental functioning.

Directions:   Take three Catalyst capsules between meals or immediately prior to exercise. Because food protein can interfere with the absorption and utilization of free-form amino acids such as those contained in Catalyst, you get maximum benefits when Catalyst is consumed on an empty stomach. For exercise enhancement, take Catalyst about 5 minutes prior to a workout or competition. This is designed to maximize the energy-boosting and the muscle-sparing effects of the formula.

Ingredients:   Three capsules contain 1200 mg of L-glutamine, 450 mg of L-leucine, 225 mg of L-isoleucine and 225 mg of L-valine.

How Supplied:   Each bottle contains 90 capsules.