Each Chelated Mineral contains the following minerals:

Calcium (as citrate)                                  90 mg

Magnesium (as aminoate * )                      100 mg

Zinc (as citrate)                                       6.7 mg

Manganese (as aminoate * )                      1.7 mg

Boron (as aminoate * )                              1 mg

Copper (as aminoate * )                            1 mg

Chromium (as picolinate)                         100 mcg

Iodine (as potassium iodide)                    75 mcg

Selenium (as aminoate * )                          66.7 mcg

Molybdenum (as aminoate * )                   16 mcg

Trace minerals                                         33 mg

   *amino acid chelate from rice protein.


Each tablet contains a complete and balanced blend of essential minerals in bioavailable forms. The Chelated Mineral is designed to be taken with USANA's Mega Antioxidant to provide the full complement of essential nutrients required for health. This non-prescription product meets USP guidelines for potency (as applicable), uniformity and disintegration, and is manufactured according to pharmaceutical cGMP standards.


Take 3 tablets by mouth daily, spread evenly throughout the day, or as is convenient.


Oblong shaped tablet, off-white color, with clear film coating and with USANA imprint. In bottle of 90 tablets.


NOTE: These photos can be used only for identification by shape, color, and imprint. They do not depict actual or relative size.

The product samples shown here have been supplied by the manufacturer and reproduced in full color by PDR as a quick-reference identification aid. While every effort has been made to assure accurate reproduction, please remember that any visual identification should be considered preliminary. In cases of poisoning or suspected overdosage, the drug' identity should be verified by chemical analysis.