Coffeccino is a pleasant-tasting beverage mix designed to curb the appetite for assistance in weight loss. It contains herbs and an outstanding mixture of nutrients formulated to provide mental energy.

Coffeccino is formulated with Garcinia cambogia extract, an all-natural fruit source which contains the appetite-suppressing compound--hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. HCA helps reduce the desire to eat high-calorie foods.

Directions:   As a hot or cold breakfast beverage, Coffeccino has an energizing effect as well as helping to reduce appetite for high-calorie foods. Drink Coffeccino before lunch to help cut mid-day food cravings and facilitate wise food choices. Taken at mid-afternoon, Coffeccino can curb desire to over-eat in the evening.

Ingredients:   Each serving contains 500 mg of Garcinia cambogia extract, 120 mg of caffeine and 800 mg L-tyrosine as well as fructose, sugar, polydextrose, canola oil, corn syrup solids, modified casein, coffee powder, cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavors, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, chromium polynicotinate (ChromeMate™) and folic acid.

How Supplied:   Each box of Coffeccino contains 15 packets, each having a net weight of 35 grams.