Eden River Immune Daily is a daily immune system supplement for people of all ages. This formula is a combination of vitamins and minerals that have been shown to be necessary for supporting immune system function plus a unique proprietary colostrom/whey extract called Ai/E 10 TM .

Clinical studies show that Ai/E 10 TM will increase the activity of natural killer (NK) cells dramatically and consistently when used in conjunction with other natural nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, herbs etc. Medical research has shown that low NK cell activity is present in most illness and is the result of immune system compromise. Ai/E 10 TM acts as a trigger for the immune system while other nutritionals serve as the fuel.


Two capsules
Daily Value
Ai/E 10 TM
100.0 mg   
Vitamin C
 (Ascorbic Acid)
34.0 mg   
Vitamin B1
1.6 mg   
Vitamin B2
1.0 mg   
Vitamin B3
10.6 mg   
Vitamin B6
2.6 mg   
Vitamin B12
3.4 mcg  
5.4 mg   
106.6 mcg  
133.4 mg   
53.4 mg   
200.0 mcg  
 (As sulfate)
1.6 mg   
Other ingredients: Gelatin, water, astragalus, magnesium stearate
*Daily Value not established

Use:   Dietary Supplement

Directions:   Take one (1) capsule twice daily for immune system support.

How Supplied:   One bottle contains 60 capsules.


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