These days, professional athletes aren't the only ones looking to enhance their physical performance. To stay on top of life, it takes a healthy, active lifestyle that includes an ample supply of work and play. That's why there is GINSANA SPORT; the unique daily supplement for active people whose health and fitness are important to them. Whether you work out every day or you're more of a "weekend warrior", GINSANA SPORT may help you get more out of your workouts and more out of life.

Convenient Once A Day Dosage

Each capsule of GINSANA SPORT contains the maximum proven daily dose of G115® ginseng, so one soft gelatin capsule each day as recommended is all you need to realize the benefits of GINSANA SPORT. And because you only have to take GINSANA SPORT once a day, it easily fits your busy lifestyle.

Proven Safe and Effective

G115® is a natural standardized ginseng extract that contains the full range of active ginseng constituents called ginsenosides. This extract helps your body use oxygen more efficiently. * Each GINSANA SPORT capsule is standardized, so it contains an equal and optimum amount of G115®, one of the most extensively researched ginseng extracts available.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

GINSANA SPORT will take time to reach its maximum effect. Take it regularly for four weeks and you'll see results. Make it part of a healthy regimen to play harder, go longer, and help you to be at your best.

Helps Maintain Aerobic Capacity During Workouts

The G115® in GINSANA SPORT works with your body to improve endurance. * Objective measurements of oxygen absorption, serum lactate levels, heart rate and blood chemistry changes are known to be important factors in measuring physical work performance and increased endurance. Clinical studies have shown that G115® can lower serum lactate levels and heart rate. * This means that GINSANA SPORT can help you perform work and physical activity more efficiently over longer periods of time. *

Promotes Efficient Oxygen Utilization

The human body needs an ample supply of oxygen to function properly. However, the body cannot store oxygen, making it imperative that the body is able to absorb and utilize oxygen as efficiently as possible. Oxygen absorption is regarded as important for peak performance and endurance. Clinical studies have shown that the unique G115® in GINSANA SPORT can improve oxygen absorption and utilization. * Efficient use of oxygen can play a role in shortening recovery time after exercise.

Long Term Safety

GINSANA SPORT® contains the same natural extract found in GINSANA®, one of the most widely used natural supplements in the world. With over 25 years of international GINSANA experience, you can trust the long-term safety of GINSANA SPORT. Unlike many workout supplements, GINSANA SPORT contains no caffeine, sugar or artificial stimulants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GINSANA SPORT work?

GINSANA SPORT' G115® ginseng extract is clinically shown to increase your body' oxygen uptake to help make the most of your natural, healthy energy. * GINSANA SPORT energizes naturally without sugar, caffeine or artificial stimulants. *

What's the difference between GINSANA SPORT and other ginseng products?

GINSANA SPORT contains G115®, the same standardized ginseng extract made with the premium-quality Panax Ginseng, C.A. Meyer available in GINSANA. This unique extract delivers a consistent level of ginsenosides (the active element of the root). Since GINSANA is a world leader supported by decades of clinical research, you can rely on the safety and efficacy of GINSANA SPORT.

How long until I feel the results?

GINSANA SPORT is an herbal supplement, which means it works with your body. * Because of this mode of action, it takes at least four weeks of continuous use to reach its optimal effect.

Can I take GINSANA SPORT with other supplements and vitamins or prescription drugs?

Yes. You can take GINSANA SPORT with any other vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement. You should also be able to take GINSANA SPORT with your prescription medications as no serious or significant drug interactions have been reported, but, as with any supplement, it is recommended that you inform your doctor you are taking GINSANA SPORT if you are taking prescription drugs, are pregnant or lactating. You should take your prescription medications either an hour before or an hour after daily supplements.

Will GINSANA SPORT raise may blood pressure?

GINSANA SPORT is not commonly known to raise blood pressure. It is recommended that you let your doctor know you are taking GINSANA SPORT and monitor your blood pressure daily. If you notice any changes, stop taking GINSANA and request a refund form Pharmaton Natural Health Products.

What is an adaptogen?

GINSANA SPORT is an adaptogen, a substance that can help normalize body functions. *

Are there any side effects?

Many studies have been completed on the unique formulation of GINSANA SPORT and have shown only rare, mild adverse reactions: occasional headaches and gastrointestinal disturbances like gas, cramps, diarrhea and nausea. There have been reports of mild allergic skin reactions with the use of the extract in the product. Some consumers have reported that taking the product has caused drowsiness or sleeplessness.

Other Questions About GINSANA SPORT?

To receive more information about GINSANA SPORT, call toll free 1-800-451-6688 or visit us at our web site at http://www.ginsana.com.

Directions for Use

Recommended Adult Intake:   Adults over 12 years old should take one 200 mg soft gelatin capsule with water each morning. Research on doses above 200 mg per day does not substantiate any better effectiveness. Optimal results have been shown with 4 weeks of continuous use, taken as directed.

Precautions:   As with vitamins and other supplements, please keep this product out of the reach of children. No serious or significant adverse reactions or drug interactions have been reported to date. However, as with any supplement, contact your doctor if you are taking a prescription medicine, are pregnant or lactating. There have been rare reports of mild allergic skin reactions with the use of the extract in this product. In case of accidental overdose, seek the advice of a professional immediately.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Pharmaton Quality Guarantee:

This extract has been proven safe and effective in well controlled clinical studies and is manufactured according to the highest quality standards.



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