Uses:   LipoTrol contains hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), a naturally-derived fruit extract which helps reduce appetite and boost the burning of fat. Unlike harsh chemical appetite suppressants, use of HCA gives desired results in a safe and gentle manner.

LipoTrol also contains niacin-bound chromium (ChromeMate), which helps form Glucose Tolerance Factor, essential for proper metabolism of sugars and fats, and for support of muscle mass.

LipoTrol contains the BMOV form of vanadium, known to inhibit the buildup of cholesterol. BMOV is seven times more bioavailable and therefore more effective than vanadyl sulfate, the form typically used in many other brands of nutrition supplements.

LipoTrol contains a unique lipotropic complex of inositol and choline, included to help the body burn fat. LipoTrol also contains beta-sitosterol to help reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol.

LipoTrol contains specific vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (biologically active plant-based chemicals) included to boost optimal burning of body fat. The formula also contains gymnema, an extraordinary natural herb which may help reduce active sugar absorption.

Directions:   Because of the important appetite suppressing effect of HCA, take LipoTrol 30 to 45 minutes before a meal, on an empty stomach.

Take LipoTrol at least twice a day. HCA has been shown to be seven times more effective in suppressing appetite when spread out in multiple small doses, compared to taking the same amount of HCA all at once. Therefore, taking two LipoTrol tablets before breakfast and two tablets prior to lunch and/or before dinner is recommended.

Ingredients:    Four caplets contain 2000 mg Garcinia extract, 50 mg Tulsi extract, 50 mg taurine, 25 mg L-carnitine, 25 mg beta sitosterol, 2 mg zinc (OptiZinc™), 10 mg gymnema sylvestre extract, 4 mg pyridoxine (HCl), 200 mcg vanadium (BMOV) and 100 mcg chromium (ChromeMate ® ).

How Supplied:    One bottle contains 120 caplets.