Urea 8.34%, Sodium Propionate 0.50%, Methionine 0.83%, Cystine 0.35%, Inositol 0.83%. Buffered to pH of 5.5 in a water-miscible creme base.

An AMINO-ACID and UREA creme specifically formulated for cervical treatment: Cervicitis (mild), postpartum cervicitis, postpartum cervical tears, post surgical cervical procedures.


METHIONINE and CYSTINE are amino-acids necessary for wound healing and forming of epithelial tissue. INOSITOL acts as an essential growth factor and promotes epithelialization.

UREA aids in debridement, dissolves the coagulum and promotes epithelialization. Its solvent action on fibroblasts prevents the formation of excessive tissue--thus preventing stenosis when used as directed.

SODIUM PROPIONATE is a topical antifungal agent.

AMINO-CERV is geared to the higher pH of the healthy cervix in contrast with pH 4 vaginal preparations. With its pH factor of 5.5 Amino-Cerv promotes faster healing of the cervix, yet will not adversely affect a healthy vagina.


When immediate postpartum bleeding has subsided (usually from 24 to 48 hours after delivery), one Milex Jector full of AMINO-CERV creme should be applied nightly for four weeks. In mild cervicitis (not requiring cautery or cryosurgery) one applicatorful of AMINO-CERV should be injected in the vagina nightly upon retiring for 2 weeks. A small amount of AMINO-CERV should be applied immediately following a surgical cervical procedure with the exception of a cold coning procedure. One applicatorful should be injected nightly upon retiring for 2 to 4 weeks (the duration of treatment depends on extent of the surgical procedure). In each of the post surgical visits, the physician should again apply a small amount of AMINO-CERV with a probe or applicator. The canal is to be completely probed on the last visit.

After COLD CONING, one applicatorful should be injected upon retiring about 24 hours after surgery and nightly thereafter for four weeks. During the four weekly office visits following cold coning, a small amount of AMINO-CERV should be applied with a probe or applicator into the canal by the physician. The canal is to be completely probed on the last visit.

Reasons For Variation of Directions

(1) After most surgical procedures, cauterization, cryosurgery and laser surgery, immediate use of AMINO-CERV is indicated to aid in dissolving dead or burned tissue.

(2) After cold coning, there is no dead tissue to slough off. Therefore, a wait of 24 hours or longer is desirable for normal healing to take place and for some fibroblasts to be laid down before applying the AMINO-CERV (which has a solvent action on both the fibroblasts and the absorbable sutures). When NONABSORBABLE sutures are used, AMINO-CERV can be used immediately.


Deleterious side effects have not been a problem at the doses recommended. The usual precautions against allergic reactions should be observed.


Store at room temperature.


2 3 / 4 oz. tube with MILEX-JECTOR (2 weeks supply, 14 applications).