Uses:   Macro-Mineral Complex is a comprehensive formulation which incorporates the full spectrum of bone-building nutrients in highly bioavailable forms.

The chelated calcium complex offers absorption which is superior to typical calcium supplements (which use the relatively poorly absorbed calcium carbonate). The forms of magnesium and complementary trace elements in Macro-Mineral Complex are also in the chelated form, thus speeding these bone-building nutrients into the body at the highest absorption rate.

The balance between calcium and magnesium is critical. Taking calcium by itself can actually drain the body of magnesium, which could result in muscle cramps, irritability, depression and other serious conditions. Macro-Mineral Complex uses a 1 to 1 calcium to magnesium ratio to perfectly balance these two key minerals.

Calcium absorption is enhanced with vitamin D and potassium bicarbonate. Recent studies have found that potassium bicarbonate helps balance the body acid-base levels to better optimize calcium absorption and bone mineralization.

Directions:   Take two to six caplets daily, preferably with meals or at bedtime. Since calcium and magnesium tend to calm and relax the body, taking Macro-Mineral Complex in the evening may be desirable.

Ingredients:    Two caplets contain 220 mg calcium (citrate and hydroxyapatite), 200 mg magnesium (amino acid chelate and magnesium ascorbate), 2 mg zinc (OptiZinc™), 300 mcg silicon (amino acid complex), 1 mg manganese (amino acid chelate), 200 mcg boron (amino acid complex), 200 mcg copper (amino acid chelate), 40 IU vitamin D (ergocalciferol), 60 mg vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate), 3 mg pyridoxine (HCl), 500 mg potassium bicarbonate, 50 mg shave grass extract, 50 mg green tea extract and 25 mg ginger extract.

How Supplied:    One bottle contains 120 caplets.