Each 2 tablets contain magnesium 54 mgs (from 1000 mg magnesium gluconate dihydrate) calcium 175 mg and phosphorous 182 mg (from 752 mgs dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate). Each 5 mL of MAGONATE® liquid contains magnesium (elemental) 54 mgs. (Each 5 ml contains the same amount of magnesium as contained in 1000 mgs of magnesium gluconate dihydrate). Each ml of MAGONATE NATAL Liquid (magnesium gluconate) contains 3.52 mg (0.29 mEq) of magnesium as the gluconate in a sugarless and flavor free isotonic base.


Magonate® Tablets and Liquid are indicated to maintain magnesium levels when the dietary intake of magnesium is inadequate or when excretion and loss are excessive.

Magonate® is recommended during and for three weeks after a course in chemotherapy, then monitored regularly. MAGONATE NATAL Liquid is indicated for newborns with magnesium deficiency and for the restoration of magnesium in infants.


Excessive dosage may cause loose stools.


Patients with kidney disease should not take magnesium supplements without the supervision of a physician.


Two Magonate® tablets or 1 teaspoon Magonate® Liquid three times a day (mid-morning, mid-afternoon and bedtime) on an empty stomach with a glass of water. MAGONATE Natal Liquid usual dose is 1 ml per kg of body weight daily, divided into two doses or 10 drops per kg twice a day.


Magonate® Tablets are orange scored, and supplied in bottles of 100 (NDC 256-0172-01), and 1000 (NDC 256-0172-02) tablets. Magonate® Liquid is supplied in pints, (NDC 256-0184-01). MAGONATE NATAL Liquid is supplied in pints.

Rev. 7/00