Active Ingredients:                              Purpose

Benzethonium Chloride
 USP 0.2% Antibacterial

Benzocaine USP 20% ............ Topical Anesthetic

  First aid to help prevent infection and provide temporary relief of pain and itching associated with ·sunburn ·insect bites, ·minor cuts ·scrapes ·minor burns ·minor skin irritations


Do Not Use: ·in eyes ·on deep or puncture wounds, animal bites or serious burns. Consult a doctor

When Using This Product: ·use only as directed ·do not apply over large areas of the body ·do not use longer than 1 week, unless directed by a doctor

Stop Using This Product And Consult A Doctor If: ·condition worsens ·symptoms persist for more than 7 days ·symptoms clear up and recur within a few days.

For external use only. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not expose to heat or temperature above 120 F. Do not use near open flame. Keep this and all drugs out of reach of children. If accidentally ingested, seek professional assistance or contact a poison control center immediately. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.

Directions:   Children under 2 years of age: do not use. Consult a doctor. Adults and children 2 years and older: clean and apply to affected area not more than 3 times daily. Hold can 6 to 12 inches away from affected area. Point spray nozzle and press button. May be covered with a sterile bandage. If bandaged, let dry first

Other information:   Store at room temperature (approximately 25° C, 77° F).

Inactive Ingredients:   Acetulan, Aloe Vera Oil, Menthol, Methyl Paraben USP, N-Butane/P152a (65:35), PEG 400, Monolaurate, Polysorbate 85.

How Supplied:   2 ¾ FL OZ (81 ml)

Manufactured for

Medtech, Jackson WY 83001 USA

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