NICOTROL® (nicotine transdermal system) is a multilayered, rectangular, thin film laminated unit containing nicotine as the active ingredient.   NICOTROL® Patch provides systemic delivery of 15 mg of nicotine over 16 hours. NICOTROL® Patch is for people who smoke over 10 cigarettes a day.


NICOTROL® (nicotine transdermal system) Patch helps smokers quit by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Many NICOTROL® Patch users will be able to stop smoking for a few days but often will start smoking again. Most smokers have to try to quit several times before they completely stop.

Your own chances of quitting smoking depend on how much you want to quit, how strongly you are addicted to nicotine and how closely you follow a quitting program like the PATHWAYS TO CHANGE® Program that comes with the NICOTROL® Patch

If you find you cannot stop or if you start smoking again after using NICOTROL® Patch, please talk to a health care professional who can help you find a program that may work better for you. Remember that breaking this addiction doesn't happen overnight.

Because the NICOTROL® Patch provides some nicotine, the NICOTROL® Patch will help you stop smoking by reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as nicotine cravings, nervousness and irritability.


To reduce withdrawal symptoms, including nicotine craving, associated with quitting smoking.


For Best Results In Quitting Smoking:

  1. Firmly commit to quitting smoking.
  2. Use enclosed support materials.
  3. Use the NICOTROL® Patches for six weeks.
  4. Stop using NICOTROL® Patches at the end of week six. If you still feel the need for NICOTROL® Patches talk to your doctor.

Do Not Use if You:

Ask Your Doctor Before Use if You:

Stop Use and See Your Doctor if You Have:


polyisobutylenes, polybutene non-woven polyester, pigmented aluminized and clear polyesters.


Starter Kit-7, Refill Kit-7. DO NOT USE IF POUCH IS DAMAGED OR OPEN. Do not Store above 86°F (30°C)


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