Uses:   Performance Gold is an energy-enhancing formulation supplying key nutritional support for building muscle and for aerobic performance. The herbal extracts which comprise Performance Gold are called adaptogens. They help the body adapt to physical and mental stress. The enzyme-hydrolyzed whey protein is a source of easily absorbable peptides (protein fragments) which accelerate the positive benefits of the herbal extracts. One of the key herbal extracts is Golden Root. Research has shown that Golden Root helps bring oxygen to tissues, which is vital for optimal performance. During exercise, the muscles and the brain suffer from lowered oxygen status, which brings on fatigue. Golden Root helps oxygenate the body, allowing lengthier, more rigorous exercise as well as quicker recovery.

The benefits of Golden Root are enhanced dramatically when combined with Siberian Ginseng. Moomiyo also boosts the adaptogenic abilities of Performance Gold, especially when complexed with peptides. Inosine supports nucleic acid function and protein synthesis.

Performance Gold was formulated in consultation with Dr. Nikolai Volkov who pioneered studies in Russia on adaptogens and peptides in high-performance athletes.

Directions:   Take one or two caplets 60 minutes before exercise or between meals.

Warning:   This product is not intended for persons under 18, or for pregnant or lactating women.

Ingredients:   Two caplets contain 100 mg of moomiyo, 25 mg of Golden Root extract (Standardized), 50 mg Siberian ginseng extract (Standardized), 500 mg of inosine and 1000 mg of enzyme-hydrolyzed whey protein.