Product   Kills lice and their eggs (head lice, crab lice and body lice).

  For the treatment of head, pubic (crab) and body lice.

Head lice:   Head lice live on the scalp and lay small white eggs (nits) on the hair shaft close to the scalp. The nits are most easily found on the nape of the neck or behind the ears. All personal headgear, scarfs, coats, and bed linen should be disinfected by machine washing in hot water and drying, using the hot cycle of a dryer for at least 20 minutes. Personal articles of clothing or bedding that cannot be washed may be dry-cleaned, sealed in a plastic bag for a period of about 2 weeks, or sprayed with a product specifically designed for this purpose. Personal combs and brushes may be disinfected by soaking in hot water (above 130°F, 54°C) for 5 to 10 minutes. Thorough vacuuming of rooms inhabited by infected patients is recommended.

Pubic (Crab) lice:   Pubic lice may be transmitted by sexual contact; therefore, sexual partners should be treated simultaneously to avoid reinfestation. The lice are very small and look almost like brown or grey dots on the skin. Pubic lice usually cause intense itching and lay small white eggs (nits) on the hair shaft generally close to the skin surface. In hairy individuals, pubic lice may be present on the short hairs of the thighs and trunk, underarms, and occasionally on the beard and mustache. Underwear should be disinfected by machine washing in hot water; then drying, using the hot cycle for at least 20 minutes.

Body lice:   Body lice and their eggs are generally found in the seams of clothing, particularly in the waistline and armpit area. They move to the skin to feed, then return to the seams of the clothing where they lay their eggs. Clothing worn and not laundered before treatment should be disinfected by the same procedure as described for head lice, except that sealing clothing in a plastic bag is not recommended for body lice because the nits (eggs) from these lice can remain dormant for a period of up to 30 days.

Actions:   RID® kills head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis), body lice (Pediculus humanus humanus), and pubic (crab) lice (Phthirus pubis), and their eggs. The pyrethrum extract affects the parasite' nervous system, resulting in paralysis and death. The efficacy of the pyrethrum extract is enhanced by a synergist, piperonyl butoxide. RID® rinses out completely after treatment and leaves no active residue. Pyrethrum extract is poorly absorbed through the skin. Of the relatively minor amounts that are absorbed, they are rapidly metabolized to water-soluble compounds and eliminated from the body without ill effects.

Sizes Available:   2 FL OZ (59mL), 4 FL OZ (118mL), 8 FL OZ (236mL), and Lice Elimination Kit containing 4 FL OZ (118mL) Lice Killing Shampoo and 5 OZ (141.8g) Lice Control Spray For Bedding & Furniture.


  1. Helpful hints
    1. Use RID® on dry hair. Hair should not be wet prior to applying RID® because it may dilute the active ingredients and reduce its effectiveness.
    2. You must thoroughly comb out the lice eggs in order to prevent reinfestation. This will take time, but is very important. Using your favorite shampoo and conditioner after treatment with RID® will help make combing easier. Comb out tangles with your regular comb before using the RID® Egg Removal Comb. Then, follow combing instructions on the package insert.
    3. For more helpful hints call 1-800-RID-LICE (1-800-743-5423) or visit us at
  2. Directions
    1. Apply to affected area until all the hair is thoroughly wet with product.
    2. Allow product to remain on area for 10 minutes but no longer.
    3. Add sufficient warm water to form a lather and shampoo as usual. Rinse thoroughly.
    4. A fine-toothed comb or special lice/nit removing comb may be used to help remove dead lice or their eggs (nits) from hair.
    5. A second treatment must be done in 7 to 10 days to kill any newly hatched lice.


Prevent Reinfestation:

Since there is no immunity from lice, personal cleanliness and the avoidance of infested persons and their bedding and clothes will aid in preventing infestation. These additional steps are important in order to minimize the chance of possible reinfestation.

Active Ingredients:   Piperonyl Butoxide 4%, Pyrethrum Extract equivalent to 0.33% Pyrethrins.

Inactive Ingredients:   C 13 -C 14 Isoparaffin, Fragrance, Isopropyl Alcohol, PEG-25 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Water, Xanthan Gum.

Storage and disposal:

Additional Information:  

Call 1-800-RID-LICE (1-800-743-5423) or visit for further information. Comprehensive patient education materials are available free of charge through 1-800-RID-LICE.


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