Dietary supplementation with THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ is recommended for healthy adult males concerned about maintaining a healthy prostate and healthy urogenital functioning. Prior to beginning supplementation, a physician must determine that dietary supplementation, alone or as an adjunct to medical treatment, is needed for healthy prostate and urogenital functioning.* THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ is intended to support prostate health in aging adult males and is to be used as a part of a healthy life style, including proper diet and exercise. Scientific studies have demonstrated the ingredients in THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ benefit maintenance of a healthy prostate and proper urogenital functioning.

These ingredients provide prostate-specific nutrients and help maintain proper cell growth in the periurethral region of the prostate gland, contributing to free urine flow.* As men age, the estrogen/androgen ratio increases, which may impact quality of life. Although the mechanisms behind the changes observed in the biochemistry of the prostate gland remain poorly understood, numerous studies indicate that one fundamental enzymatic conversion may contribute to morphological changes in the prostate gland. This reaction is the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is catalyzed by 5-alpha-reductase. Testosterone is secreted by the Leydig cells in the testes. It then crosses the plasma membrane of stromal cells in the prostate gland. 5-alpha-reductase, located in the nuclear membrane of the stromal cells, reduces testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This potent androgen induces mRNA transcription for cytokines such as fibroblast growth factor and transforming growth factor beta. An autocrine effect then causes stromal cells to grow, and a paracrine effect causes prostatic epithelial tissues to grow. Estrogen also contributes to the population of DHT receptors in the stromal cell nuclei. These changes can be balanced by governing the activity of 5-alpha-reductase.* THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ contains ingredients scientifically shown to keep 5-alpha-reductase in balance.*

Ingredients:   Three tablets of THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ contain 320 milligrams of Saw Palmetto Berry Powder, 300 milligrams of Pygeum africanum Bark Powder, 100 milligrams of Urtica dioica powder, 100 mg of Pumpkin Seed Powder, 15 mg Zinc from Zinc Picolinate (100% D.V.), 250 mg of Lysine HCl, 250 mg of L-Glutamic Acid Base, 250 mg of Glycine, 50 mg of Vitamin B 6 from Pyridoxine HCl (2,500% D.V.), 200 IU Vitamin D from cholecalciferol (50% D.V.), and 100 IU of Vitamin E (333% D.V.). Tablets are coated with white titanium dioxide using an aqueous process. Coating is flavored with natural peppermint oil.

Recommended Use:   As a dietary supplement, it is recommended a 1100 mg tablet of THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ be taken three times per day. Alternatively, all three tablets may be taken as a once daily dose. THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ should be taken with meals or a snack to minimize the risk of minor stomach irritation. The product should be used consistently for a minimum of 90-120 days for product benefits to be realized. Continued use is recommended for optimal benefits.

:    Keep out of reach of children.

Adverse Effects:   Based on corporate historical data, only a small number of individuals have reported minor stomach discomfort; otherwise, no adverse effects have been observed during the product' six year history.

How Supplied:   White, standard oval tablets of THE PROSTATE FORMULA™, 1,100 mg each, are supplied in 175 CC or 400 CC white HDPE bottles, with cotton, white vertical ridged cap, inner pressure safety seal, and heat-sealed safety neck band in 90 or 270 count. The bottle is placed in an individual consumer box, and sealed at each end with safety tabs. THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ can be purchased at major drug stores, and grocery stores with pharmacies, in the vitamin/nutritional supplement section.

Storage:   Store in a dry, cool place. Protect from light. Avoid excessive heat.

Shelf Life:   The expiration date is printed on the bottom or the side of the product bottle, and on the exterior bottom of the individual consumer box.

Quality Assurance:   THE PROSTATE FORMULA™ is manufactured in USFDA registered manufacturing plants. In addition to pre-process and in-process controls, Real Health Laboratories, Inc. contracts a USFDA registered analytical chemistry laboratory and microbiology laboratory to test for safety, potency and disintegration, using USP and AOAC methodology on each lot manufactured. Each lot of product undergoes this analytical chemistry and microbiological testing.

Mandatory FDA Disclaimer

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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