How does it work?

Zzz contains micro-multiphasic liposomes--microscopic droplets of nutrients and standardized herbal extracts--suspended in purified water. Liposomes are rapidly absorbed by the small blood vessels in the mouth, speeding the active ingredients into your body for quick results.

Zzz contains standardized kava kava extract, an herb which has been used for centuries for its calming, relaxing effect. Zzz also contains 5-hydroxytryptophan, a neuroactive nutrient building block which is converted into serotonin, a key brain compound associated with rest, relaxation and sleep. Synergistic nutrients are included in the Zzz liposomes, and a small amount of melatonin rounds out the Zzz formula. Melatonin is secreted by the brain in response to low light, and is helpful for inducing sleep. Melatonin is also very useful for helping to reset the body' internal timeclock when traveling through different time zones.

How to use Zzz?

At bedtime, spray one or two full pumps of Zzz liposome liquid under your tongue. Allow the liquid to remain under your tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow.

Benefits of Zzz are likely to be noticed in 10 to 15 minutes.

Ingredients:    Purified water, micromultiphasic liposomes (vitamin B6, L-5 hydroxytryptophan, kava kava extract *, lecithin, melatonin, tocopheryl acetate, zinc gluconate), fructose, stevia extract*, natural mixed fruit flavor, potassium sorbate, polysorbate-20.

* Standardized